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Real-time analytics at Airbnb explained

Airbnb's rise into one of the leading lodging companies on the planet was driven by one thing: data.

But as Airbnb grew, so did the volumes of data they were working off of. Struggling to efficiently utilize this data, Airbnb's ability to grow came under threat. That's when its engineers got to work searching for a solution to help them handle this data deluge.

Discover how Airbnb's engineers were able to deliver real-time analytics to their data users on a truly massive scale. You'll also learn:

  • How Airbnb builds their data infrastructure to scale at extreme volumes
  • Business scenarios you can solve using Airbnb's approach
  • Airbnb's reasoning behind choosing StarRocks to address their real-time analytics challenges

Use Airbnb's experience to expand your real-time analytics expertise. Read now.