Get the best in query performance

When it comes to improving query performance, you have a lot of options, but how do you know which solution is right for your business' approach to analytics? This guide highlights the advantages and differences between four popular solutions for enhancing query performance: StarRocks, ClickHouse, Apache Druid®, and Trino.

StarRocks performance is...

Across multiple tests, StarRocks performance beats out ClickHouse, Apache Druid, and Trino







Performance numbers based on comparisons of database queries for ClickHouse and Apache Druid and data lake queries for Trino.

Report highlights

  • StarRocks offers 1.7x performance over ClickHouse and 2.2x performance over Apache Druid in wide-table scenarios
  • StarRocks is 2.3x faster than ClickHouse and 3.2x faster than Apache Druid in low-cardinality scenarios
  • StarRocks delivers 14.6x query performance than Trino in multi-table scenarios
  • Benchmark performance data for both wide-table and multi-table scenarios
  • A technical overview of StarRocks and how it functions in various use cases
  • Consideration checklist for evaluating potential solutions for use in real-time analytics